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Polarimetric Image Sensor and Fermi Level Shifting Induced Multichannel Transition Based on 2D PdPS



Author(s): Wang, XG (Wang, Xingang); Xiong, T (Xiong, Tao); Zhao, K (Zhao, Kai); Zhou, ZQ (Zhou, Ziqi); Xin, KY (Xin, Kaiyao); Deng, HX (Deng, Hui-Xiong); Kang, J (Kang, Jun); Yang, JH (Yang, Juehan); Liu, YY (Liu, Yue-Yang); Wei, ZM (Wei, Zhongming)

Source: ADVANCED MATERIALS Article Number: 2107206 DOI: 10.1002/adma.202107206 Early Access Date: NOV 2021

Abstract: 2D materials have been attracting high interest in recent years due to their low structural symmetry, excellent photoresponse, and high air stability. However, most 2D materials can only respond to specific light, which limits the development of wide-spectrum photodetectors. Proper bandgap and the regulation of Fermi level are the foundations for realizing electronic multichannel transition, which is an effective method to achieve a wide spectral response. Herein, a noble 2D material, palladium phosphide sulfide (PdPS), is designed and synthesized. The bandgap of PdPS is around 2.1 eV and the formation of S vacancies, interstitial Pd and P atoms promote the Fermi level very close to the conduction band. Therefore, the PdPS-based photodetector shows impressive wide spectral response from solar-blind ultraviolet to near-infrared based on the multichannel transition. It also exhibits superior optoelectrical properties with photoresponsivity (R) of 1 x 10(3) A W-1 and detectivity (D*) of 4 x 10(11) Jones at 532 nm. Moreover, PdPS exhibits good performance of polarization detection with dichroic ratio of approximate to 3.7 at 808 nm. Significantly, it achieves polarimetric imaging and hidden-target detection in complex environments through active detection.

Accession Number: WOS:000718211800001

PubMed ID: 34676919

Author Identifiers:

Author        Web of Science ResearcherID        ORCID Number

wei, zhong ming                  0000-0002-6237-0993

ISSN: 0935-9648

eISSN: 1521-4095

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